Thursday, 18 October 2007

Thursday Thirteen # 4 - Things I won't ever say

Thirteen Things I won't ever say

  1. A Back massage ? no thanks
  2. Yes, you CAN have that $1590 new drum kit , son .
  3. Make it a Brazilian today, my underarms are good.
  4. I am deleting my blog and cancelling my internet subscription.
  5. Where's my g string bikini ?
  6. I am giving up chocolate.
  7. Let's go bungy jumping.
  8. No tea for me (hot cuppa tea for y'all)
  9. I really enjoyed that steak & kidney pie.
  10. Here son , take a $50.
  11. Wash my mouth out with soap please.
  12. Sell my car, I'll take the bus or walk.
  13. Of course, your mother can move back in (we had such a great time those 6 yrs she did before)

okay just 1 more

14. Darling, from now on I will do all the cooking,cleaning and looking after the kids - just sit and relax !

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