Wednesday, 17 October 2007

Some new tricks & treats

Horray - I got feed burner working ... just how to figure it out - can anyone recommend a good tutorial ?

I have started subscribing to a few of my favourites but I have so many blogs in my favourites.I can't keep up. I apologise in advance to anyone who has commented and I have yet to make it back to your blog. I do try hard.

I have got so many new ideas and things I want to blog - bring it on November - because I have signed up for NaBloPoMo. I am in inspiration heaven.

I also have got so much lovin' since becoming more involved in the blogging community and shiny new awards. Can you feel the love tonight ...

The memes are fun.I love Wordless Wednesday the most so many pictures to drool over ... and places to see and dream about, babies and QTpie kids doing amazing things, funny pictures to make me laugh out loud, wildlife , flowers and just about everything.

I like Thursday 13 ~ some people are so creative, Friday Feast is short and sweet and I look forward to joining a few more when I find the spare time.

I have also found some competitions to enter ... okay I have little chance because I am a non USA blogger but one says they will ship anywhere.

I have found some great links , recipes and websites ... retail therapy and Christmas ideas.

My new favourite is from Uncommonly Cute!! BABY CLOTHES and other T shirts I found the link @ The Laughs will go on .Her little man, Tate is just the cutest model - well next to my boys anyway. He looks so co-operative and happy

The prize up for grabs is a unisex long sleeved I Love You alphabet shirt! (size is 18-24 months). The thing I loved was the twin onesie sets they have...they are very funny! Boo hoo my boys are now too big for them .My favorite is the 'pair' that says "copy" on one and "paste" on the other! seriously funny! I might have make some myself . Though my boys are not identical . Even my friends with boy/girl twins get asked this question ... as if !

"Yes, we are twins ... No, we are not identical"

They certainly are a talking point. Some multiple mums don't like the attention but I am happy to say my boys love it (so do I -it doesn't last long)S & J are so friendly and smiley - they bring a lot of joy to people. I have seen many other t shirts like "Womb Mates" and "Thing 1" "Thing 2" but I am not sure about calling my babies THING - haha but 'copy' and 'paste' that is cute !.

Now I just have to figure out how to squeeze a few more hours into my day ... I have to get some new letters for the keypads on my laptop so I can read / blog when my boys play outside I think !

While we are on the topic of competitions - I know you are all busy but can you please cast a vote in the Twinsane competition. It is a popularity contest - so pretty please. We are the very last entry so scroll right to the end. They have great t-shirts and accessories too - especially for twins.

Okay - this competition is @ Apples of Gold - a new website I stumbled upon today. You could win 'Chicken Soup for the Christian Family Soul'
I love the Chicken Soup for the Soul series of books. My eyes start puddling up and waterfalling at some of the stories. Tears of joy and sometimes sadness. I can read them over and over. I have about six of them and I have read more because I gave some away too. They are so inspirational and very easy for all the family to read. Apples of Gold has a very encouraging website too if you need a lift and some food for the soul.


mamichelle said...

Your babies are adorable! I tried to vote but my system was not allowing the email.

Good luck with them!

baby~amore' said...

thanks for thinking of us

Gill said...

I am such a nut, I was trying to find the Twinsane link and searched your side bar all the way down to the bottom and *eventually* found the link right at the top - duh! I have voted, holding thumbs for you :-)

Kellan said...

Your boys are so cute - see ya.

Theresa said...

I tried to vote, but it does some wierd email thing and my computer didn't except it- so just know your boys had my vote.

Yes so much to blog about I do monday menus, time travel tuesday, wordless wed, friday's feast and friday fill in, and saturday photo hunt- it keeps you busy, I agree I need more time in the day too.

Andrea said...

Awww...your babys are SOOO cute! I wish I would have twins one day...anyways, thanks for entering my contest! ;)

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