Tuesday, 11 September 2007


I know it probably doesn't mean much to us in Australia but it was a day that changed the world ... unlike any other.

I remember waking in early hours to find my husband missing from our bed. He had heard it on the radio late (around 11.30pm) on 2GB and then got up to watch the TV. We watched it most of the night and most of the day. We worked from home.

I can remember feeling how horrific it must been for those on the planes and in the buildings ... wondering how anyone could do something so awful to so many innocent people.Even today I can't comprehend why ?

My brother left to fly to USA yesterday morning and I wonder how they are remembering it in US today ... they will be waking up soon to the 11th September.

9/11 is a day for remembering those who died and the heros.

I cried every time I heard this song .

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