Saturday, 3 September 2016

Modern Family

I admit I missed a few a few seasons of Modern family due to my own family and medical dramas over the past four years.

Last week I was sent the complete seventh season to watch . I'm more than half way through it , thanks to a marathon laundry folding and ironing session. 

Based on the amount of washing and ironing I do , I think more than four people live here.

Season 7 of the Emmy Award winning comedy Modern Family is back with more laughs than ever before – own it on DVD August 31.

I am a bit late posting my review due to my own modern family dramas the last week. Then my work as a Census field officer a huge local rural area, with an extra rural area added due to an injury of another team member. The census is also documenting families and communities.

"I see that Every family is unique. Every child is unique. Love is unique.Adults, children and love don't fit neatly into a box. " a quote from Easy Peasy Kids 
unless it is a DVD box.

What can I say ! I love Modern family. “Modern Family” is a journey for the family as they get on with their lives and faced challenges in each episode with hilarious results and a lesson to learn.

Amazingly,  it is the 7th year in a row, Modern Family is in the running for Emmy’s Outstanding Comedy Series making the show a comedy series that keeps giving !

So much love, laughter, lunacy and mayhem - just as alive as any real family.
With Father’s Day tomorrow on September 4 it's the perfect way to spend the day.