Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Wordless Wednesday : Mud, Mayhem and Birthday Cake

AKA How I spent my significant birthday ending in 0 ...

The rain stopped ...39mm in 3 hrs - "We're going down the front "
We went to explore our flooded creek and driveway crossing. Not even in the 4WD would you attempt it, it was flowing fast.
It's normally a trickle or dry - view right of the driveway
Looking left from driveway.

We detoured 4km way out the back ...different creek , my muddy buddy took me for a spin in his new wheels - Mad Max MUD buggy . Oh ! so we had so much fun, till we got stuck in the mud and I had to walk.

The creek that runs through rear of our property ...the erosion is years old.

This normally dry sandy creek was a torrent too.

By afternoon the water across the driveway receded and the 4 of us ventured out for my birthday dinner.

Of course we came home for MUD cake.

I am so grateful for every donation .