Monday, 4 April 2016

Below the line

Imagine eating below the poverty line for just one meal... never mind a whole day. What would you eat?

 I did this last year then forgot about it.

Whether you turn the page of a newspaper, flick through facebook or watch TV - all too often we are faced with the harsh reality that there are millions of human beings living below the poverty line. We turn the page, scroll on or change channels , forgetting in 10 secs.

I have never been physically exposed to inhumane standards of living - unsanitary hospitals, crowded orphanages and the homeless- though I did see the poverty in villages in Vanuatu. I have been a World Vision supporter for 28yrs and still I forget.

More children then we could possibly imagine by birth circumstances have no access to education, nutritious food or clean drinking water.

LIVE BELOW THE LINE challenge changes only five days of my life - yet it has the power to change EVERYTHING for them.

I am doing this because the victims of poverty have no say in their quality of life and this is a huge injustice.

Yes, yes, I know we are all aware , we choose to forget as we lick our lips and tuck into our meals.
 It is up to us to unite and stand strong in the fight against poverty!

Can you donate $10 - or the losse chnage in your pocket or purse .

 I need 19 people willing to remember what $10 means to them - less than what many of us spend on one takeaway meal or a coffee and a muffin.

Live Below the Line is the annual fundraising campaign for Oaktree, one of Australia’s largest youth-run organisations. It is a tough but meaningful challenge.

As well as gaining a unique insight into some of the challenges faced by those living in extreme poverty - it might help me reduce my waistline.
Join me - challenge me or donate. It starts in May.

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