Monday, 21 March 2016

Mystery, Dreams, Challenges and Obsession

I am fortunate to have two BFF from my school days. We have been loyal friends (over 35yrs). since we started high school or shortly thereafter.

At the end of primary school my best friends went to different high schools in the district. It didn't take too long to make new friends but I still never loved high school because I was treated like an outcast and bullied due to the genetic disorder I'm afflicted with.

My worse nightmare was when none of my closest friends didn't go onto year 12 (All four of my tribe). Reading was my refuge all through school.

My favourite book genre' was mystery and adventure and I was a vivacious reader from a young age. I read every Secret seven, Famous Five book, any Enid Blyton book I could get my hands on. The school librarian loved me.

One of my favourite fictional BFF would have to be Beatrix "Trixie" Belden .

My mum bribed me with them or I should say I begged her and offered to do chores to own every one of 39 books in the series.

Trixie was a young teen living at Crabapple Farm (USA), with her parents and three brothers. The first book begins with Trixie striking up a friendship with lonely, rich girl, Honey Wheeler, whose family has just moved into the Manor House next door.

Each book involved the two girls solving baffling mysteries along with brothers and friends.
Trixie also experiences insecurity about her looks, often comparing herself unfavourably with her attractive 'rich' friend, Honey. I was obsessed.

Anne of Green Gables by Lucy Maud Montgomery, was set in the early 1900’s. Anne Shirley is a young orphan, sent to Prince Edward Island after a childhood spent in 'foster' homes (working) and orphanages. Marilla and Matthew Cuthbert,siblings who live at Green Gables, decide to adopt a boy from to help Matthew run their farm on Prince Edward Island. Marilla says Anne must return to the orphanage, then decides to let Anne stay as they fall under her freckled charm.

Anne has big dreams , is eager to please, talkative (like me), and extremely imaginative with braided red hair - that gets her into trouble. She was a misadventure magnet. I just loved Anne's joy in life, seeing her thrive and fall in love with the gorgeous Gilbert Blythe . I wanted to be her "kindred spirit." The TV mini series cemented Anne as my favourite.

Jo March ~ Little Women - one of four sisters - Jo, Meg, Beth and Amy living in 19th century New England. Smart, impulsive, independent or some might some argumentative - a hell raiser and willing to do anything for her family. I would have fit right in. Now Jo cut off her long hair and I normally wouldn't have approved except it was for cash - her family desperately needed.

Those plaited braids again ...

Laura Ingalls ~ Little House on the Prairie (technically not fictional) . Particularly the actress Melissa Gilbert is who I would have liked as a friend who played Laura in the Tv adaptation. The character, Nellie, was a bitch . Laura was feisty, independent with embracing the adventures of early American frontier life and surviving the great outdoors. I loved her dresses and braids. I'm now drawn to wide open spaces more than ever.

Something about Alice ~ Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland - who wouldn't want to attend the Mad Hatter's Tea party and have an extraordinary adventures with a friend like Alice.

As an adult in the age of instant messaging, internet URL & facebook friends I don't need to want for fictional friends . Though I am certain many of my real life friends would not understand how it's possible to be on the same page and call someone you have never or rarely met in person a real friend.

I could never choose an adult fictional friend - just way too many heroines on my bookshelf. It was hard narrowing it down to five of my youth.

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Who would you like to be your fictional bestie ?