Friday, 5 February 2016

Vale ~ Meg Rowe

We never met in person, but my heart is very sad today, hearing about the passing of my friend with NF Meg Rowe.

Her Facebook page is public if you care to read the hundreds and hundreds of heartfelt messages left as the news of her passing spreads.
Meg Rowe has raised over $19,000 for Cupid's Undie Run 2016 in Baltimore , (highest fundraiser by 17K) and 4th Highest fundraiser nationally in the US.
"Despite my uncertain and somewhat bleak prognosis, I have remained positive and hopeful. I love my life and I make the most of each and every day."

Thanks Love-Rocks

The ripples of Meg's life have spread far and wide , I met a local lady with Neurofibromatosis because she noticed we had a mutual friend in Meg (approx 16000 kms away as the crow flies) and she joined the spots (a common feature of NF) dots and sent me a message. 

We had children at the same school and even once in same class. How freaky was that. The lady and I have met up a few times for a chat.

Meg fought a courageous battle with NF related tumours, Meg also had the same MPNST (malignant peripheral nerve sheath tumour) unfortunately terminal. I will be running Cupids in her honour .

The sarcoma in my leg was also MPNST.

Another mutual friend from Canada wrote

Meg endured so much in her life. She really was inspirational. I am dealing with the exact same cancer. MPNST also known as Neurofibrosarcoma.....may it go to hell! ~ V
To Hell with NF and MPNST. It's too close to home.

My heart goes out to all that knew her. Her NF and Sarcoma Cancer family is very sad right now.

I'm hoping to make a difference.