Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Things that make my heart lighter

We are closer to our target today !

Cake ...though it makes my bottomline heavier. The Gluten free Orange & Almond #2 engagement cake

Beautiful Flower Bouquet from Flowers for Everyone
Flowers for Everyone offered to send me some flowers , I decided my future daughter -in-law would love them instead. Win :) Wink.

We didn't hear the doorbell with the noise of the celebrations , so it was wonderful they left them still.
In exchange for the flowers I'm giving a shout out to their fabulous competition to win two stunning nights in a flower filled Love Cave.

How romantic and gorgeous would winning this prize be !

One lucky winner will receive a $3500 value prize consisting of two nights at this exclusive couple’s retreat in the Blue Mountains (1 hr drive from Sydney), over $1300 worth of romantic flowers and Ecoya candles adorning the cave, and a bottle of Moet et Chandon and chocolates on arrival.

Photo from their webpage.

I love the song.

My new favourite family photo.

Sun rise - nothing better than waking up to this and a walk along the beach ...not that in happens much living in outback NSW.

My boys going back to school, not sure who love sit more ???? I do miss my sleepins.