Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Taking Stock ~ February

Making : Waffles  tomorrow
Cooking : Chocolate Brownies
Drinking : Tea in fine mugs
Reading: Diamonds in the Mud
Wanting: More hours in my day
Looking: for a red or white tutu for Cupid's Undie Run
Playing: Sudoku ... well thinking hard about fiendish Sudoku puzzles.
Deciding: How to decorate for my son's engagement party
Wishing: for more awareness about Neurofibromatosis. I will not lose sight of why I am really putting myself to this fun and risque challenge.

Enjoying: the silence now school is IN.
Waiting: For Tassie 4 bridges almost a marathon 41km paddle
Liking: my friend's new Apple watch.
Wondering: how to get more sponsors without p*ssing people off asking
Loving: One week till our 26th Wedding anniversary
Pondering: This weekend's menu
Considering: Cleaning out the mobile office
Buying: decorations and food for my son's engagement party
Watching: Netflix
Hoping: I reach my Cupid's Undie Run goal
Marvelling: All the cute back to school pics.
Cringing: at the numbers on the scale
Needing: to lose weight (because my clothes are too tight)
Questioning: my sanity
Smelling: basil - a friend gave me a bunch today for pesto
Wearing: active wear (I was up at 5:30am to join a women's running group)
Following: my heart
Noticing: all the recipes I pin but never make
Knowing: I have lots of office work to complete
Thinking: How to eat healthier without being boring
Admiring: The commitment of those who get things done
Sorting: Years of old business paperwork
Getting: A Cupid hair tattoo Friday
Bookmarking: Recipes
Coveting: A slimmer waist
Disliking: Humidity
Opening: Mail
Giggling: At my yoga I need to practice being more flexible
Feeling: Thankful -i n the last 3yrs I been through 3 different cancers - Breast Cancer , Malignant Sarcoma and Melanoma.
I have come so far and have endless opportunities in front of me thanks to Cancer research and treatments !!
Snacking: green grapes
Helping: Making a meal for a friend going through chemo
Hearing: A plane going over

Let me know in the comments if you ‘Take Stock’ too?
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