Monday, 15 February 2016

Handbag personality...

What's in your handbag ?

Some people say that you can tell a lot about a person by the contents of their bag. Tricky – because I rarely use a handbag. If I do I usually hide it under detritus in my car.

So 90% of the time I cart a TIMBUK2 back pack around with me. I don't really have a handbag collection anymore. It’s a throwback from years of carrying everything for twins. I was a packhorse.

Besides my wallet, I carry hearing aid batteries, spare undies, socks, Panadol (never when I need them) a small towel (but not last week when I showered at the gym and used my sweaty t-shirt to dry off). There was one or two in the car.

Right now covered in glitter from my fairy wings - true story.

I carry it with the excuse that I need it for paddling and the gym.

Somewhere in the depths which I can never find, due to multiple pockets, is my mobile phone, never in the same place. You think would I would learn. Of course, I know it’s in there somewhere - even if I ring my phone using the car to make sure.

Usually there are random spare gym clothes, a band-aid and loose change. Other pockets are littered with shopping receipts, a heavy steel drink bottle (I can never locate except I know it is there by weight) . A lead pencil and a sudoku book .

No lipstick, no perfume, no brush …short hair is wet and wear.

Today-  I also found an all weather proof/rainbird coat, a hat and a swim cap.
It will also fit a Lap top.

Neat , I earned this last year doing Cupid's Undie Run.
I wonder what this says about my personality?

That I live in a state of organised chaos !

Always on the go ... to dragon boat paddling , less so the gym of late, and prepared for every adventure?

What does your handbag tell you about your personality?

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