Tuesday, 22 December 2015

Christmas fun with kids on a rainy day

How are things in your camp ?

I am loving the rain and the cool change today.

Our secret Christmas surprise is underway ...now in the hands of the man and his mate.

I've taken one twin to see Hotel Transylvania2 - meh different and a few good jokes for parents , the animation was spectacular . The minion enjoyed it . His brother saw it with a friend last week.

Now I'm perusing Facebook for Christmas ideas , soon as I get myself moving

These gorgeous paper stars are for me to make - details at http://funcraftskids.com/5-point-paper-stars/

credit - http://funcraftskids.com/5-point-paper-stars/

Feeling hungry -I am drooling over these  http://kidsactivitiesblog.com/79620/40-fun-christmas-treats

Then if your have an oversupply of Candy canes - 12 ways to get creative with candy canes (besides eating them)

the Candy cane star is my favourite - via Country & Victorian Times

The 25 Gingerbread activity ideas for kids are very clever ...

If your already finished your Christmas shopping and are ready to relax - these Christmas colouring for adults.

If you are going camping ...this link might be useful for camping in the rain

Lastly. be careful about posting Holiday plans and snaps on facebook ...the crooks are cashing in

Have you any other good links to share ?