Monday, 30 November 2015

Taking Stock - November

Life has been hectic and I'm riding the waves of mixed emotions.

I hope my knee surgery for very damaged cartiliage last Thursday is successful so I can get back to doing all the things I love and unfortunately the cleaning.

The Orthopedic surgeon said I also have significant arthritis in my knee and since I'm a youngen' (love this guy) they'll try to stetch me out a few years before the replacement I'll eventually need.

November 30 did this happen ?

Time to take stock

Making : My Bulbura Plant design - I'l show you tomorrow.
Cooking : the best Chocolate Brownies later
Drinking : Australian Afternoon tea in the morning - rule breaker to the end
Reading: Finishing Dune Road ... starting our Christmas Book Advent read tomorrow.
Wanting: Speedy healing after my knee surgery
Looking: All the Christmas decorations.
Playing: Christmas Carols already loving the Spirit of Christmas CD 

Proceeds raised from the sale of this CD will support The Salvation Armys family and domestic violence services

Deciding: What to buy my minions for Christmas
Wishing: I wasn't so stressed
Enjoying: sound of silence ...except for the dishwasher
Waiting: for the cleaning fairy
Liking: Hand stamped delights as a teacher's gift maybe
Wondering: why breast Cancer is the gift that keeps on giving (stupid early arthritis in
Loving: this Random Acts of Kindness Advent Calendar idea
Pondering: What if this is as good as it gets (my crappy knee in particular)
Considering: De-cluttering and cleaning the office
Buying: Christmas Books
Watching: my weight (Breast Cancer meds are packing it on quicker than I can exercise)
Hoping: I can get back to paddling soon.
Marvelling: Stools and furniture carved from fallen trees - could my hubby do this with the chainsaw he gave me for my birthday a few years back.

Cringing: at the amount of yelling I do " Shut the door" "Be quiet" "Leave your brother alone"
Needing: a holiday , to get more sleep and bi focals.
Questioning: why I don't go to bed earlier. It's my fault.
Smelling: Mangoes
Wearing: Bonds shorts and pj top- very glam I am.
Noticing: Clutter and chaos
Following: a careful path around said clutter and chaos to protect my knee
Knowing: this too will pass
Thinking: to do lists for the man of the house
Admiring: All the cookies want cookies.
Sorting: Business activity statement paperwork
Getting: Frustrated because I can't do much with my knee recovering
Bookmarking: All the Christmas recipes
Coveting: A new iPad
Disliking: Ants and Flies
Opening: the books I ordered
Giggling: time well wasted reading - Bloggeress "Awkwarding is what brings us all together "
Feeling: out of sorts with a mild bout of depression and why the f' me.
Snacking: Australian green grape$
Helping: Push for Palliative committee - the most daunting thing
Hearing: Voices in my head that will not shut-up.

I Must Confess
~ Random Confessions

You can make a list too, you know you want to!
Pip and I would love to read it!
Let us know if you do this too!