Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Light the Night

This product talk is brought to you by Nuffnang and Illooms &
 LIGHT the Night 

ILLOOMS are balloons with a small LED light that once activated, start glowing and create an illuminated effect.

The balloon takes on a magical luminary appearance!

Light up your night time celebration with ILLOOMS balloons up to 15 hours (or longer - like a glow stick in a balloon.)

Each ILLOOMS balloon comes with an activation tab. Instructions on each packet explain how to activate the ILLOOMS Balloons.

Simply squeeze the LED tip and pull the activation tab, then inflate like a standard balloon.

For the purpose of this review we were gifted a multi pack of ILLOOMS balloons including the following:

• Plain Mixed (4 colours)

• Girly Mixed (4 colours) RRP – $6.99

• Happy Birthday (4 colours) RRP – $6.99

• Faces (4 colours) RRP – $6.99

• Multicoloured Marble – RRP – $7.99

• Pink Marble – RRP – $7.99

• Flashing Alien RRP – $9.99

• Flashing Gnome RRP – $9.99

Each pack contained four balloons except the Flashing Alien and Gnome have three balloons each.

ILLOOMS are compliant with global safety regulations and requirements. We had one pop rather early - though deflation stickers prevent the need to pop them since many children hate that big bang effect. Our eldest son hated balloons for years - he must have had an unfortunate experience with a balloon before adoption.

A few ILLOOMS and all the lights out resulted in spooky , zany fun for the boys with only one burst balloon.  The light up balloons were fascinating to me and illooms balloon tennis was a big hit .

The soft illumination, and flashing was bright enough to make them light up the night and into the next day.

ILLOOMS Balloons make an awesome party decoration, and a very creative and inexpensive way to light up your night celebrations , you still need additional lighting but they light up with plenty of ambience.

The kids love them - and best they are available nationally in at Big W, Kmart and Woolworths (try the party aisle!).

PS I want to take this opportunity to pause and share

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What's your favourite way to light the night ?