Thursday, 11 June 2015

Taking Stock - June

Making : Soup - my new part arrived. Pumpkin is my favourite.
Cooking : Ferrero Rocher Nutella Cheesecake - just DIVINE .
Drinking : Copious cups of tea to ease my cough and the wait for wine o clock.
Reading:  The Tying of Threads is Joy Dettman's sixth and final novel in her Woody Creek series.
Wanting: Rissotto for dinner -
Looking: For stuff to sell , donate or bin
Playing: my violin ... Oh, I hurt everywhere
Wasting: a brown avocado !
Sewing: It's in some basket or cupboard.
Wishing: Someone would come and do my sewing
Enjoying: Winter sunshine
Waiting: For MRI of my left thigh and followup with Oncologist next week.
Liking: Starting a potential new friendship through wonders of FB - the lady has the same genetic disorder as I do.
Wondering: Why I push myself ?
Loving: Balance and bodyawareness exercises.
Hoping: I get more sponsors soon for Breast Cancer fundraising and City To Surf.
Marvelling: That 3yrs has passed since my Breast Cancer diagnosis.
Needing: A holiday ... we booked a Cruise for October.
Smelling: Seriously - three boys are being banned from my toilet.
Wearing: gym gear because it reminds me to keep moving.
Following: the gym instructor with great difficulty - my co-ordination and spatial awareness is woeful.
Noticing: More grey hairs
Knowing: My to do list isn't getting any shorter
Thinking: I might go for a walk.
Bookmarking: 24 diagrams that make healthy eating easy
Opening: The fridge ...I need a fingerprint lock.
Feeling: Pain from personal training and group classes at the gym.

Taking Stock is Thanks to Pip at Meet Me at Mikes.