Sunday, 7 June 2015

Seven on Sunday

My first week of de-cluttering and I'm a few steps closer to my 30 bags in 30 days.

I've sold about $150 worth of toddler toys on a facebook group. I met someone online, locally, with the same genetic condition I have, through the FB group.

She deduced from two Facebook friends in common I had NF - neurofibormatosis too and sent me a personal message.

Saturday, I culled five bagfuls of boy's clothes to donate to my new friend, another friend and my cousin's little guy.

My husband went off last night for some HIM time to see or hear  Beccy Cole in concert. So I got stuck into tidying my boys' rooms.  Much to their disappointment.

This week as the temperature plumetted , I crazily crawled out of bed Thursday at 5:30am for a training session at the local stadium with a women's running /walking group - laps around #1 oval and up and down the grandstand stairs in -2 °


that is frost on the seats.

Then it was my first PT session in the gym at 7am , training with a friend and Personal Trainer.
I needed to stretch afterwards and I'm still feeling it.

This week my fab seven posts were

7 Stretches in 7 Minutes For Low Back Pain Relief

What a Teenage Boy Needs Most from his Mom

A story on facebook touched my heart-
I've blogged previously about my first baby, a daughter, Charlotte Rose who was stillborn .Though I don't know why she died in utero.

I do know I was diagnosed with Obstetric cholestasis at 35 weeks with my second - twin - pregnancy. I had the itching a week or so , the itch was unbearable. It is more common in twin pregnancies for some reason too.

The Registrar told me , on a Thursday at my antenatal appointment , itching was normal - especially with twins stretching the skin.


 I am so glad I'd read about Obstetric cholestasis on a pregnancy forum (only remembered after my appointment) . I knew - pretty much trusting my extreme skyrocketing anxiety intuition that is was not normal - diagnosed myself, rang the midwife and got to hospital. Fours hours later after blood tests they confirmed my diagnosis.

I had c/s 12 hrs later (the next day) at 35wks 4days. My sons are alive today because I knew about Obstetric cholestasis - thanks to another mother sharing it on a baby/ parenting forum. I remembered reading her story about intense itching. Raising awareness is vitally important.

This announcement Bazinga! Lego announces 'Big Bang Theory' set  has lots of people excited.

My own good news week is I'm going here-all most expenses paid !

How amazing is this sculpture ! 

Is your multiplication a bit rusty ? -  Then show your child this Cool way to Multiply using a Japanese method -

How to Multiply Easy Way using Japanese method
Simply amazing-
Posted by Suria Mohd on Thursday, 7 May 2015