Monday, 22 June 2015

Moles, boobs and lady bits.

Further to my post Saturday I have made an appointment to have the ugly mole checked and removed for good. I have dozens of moles, and if I'm going under a GA I'll get more removed.

The other Doctor I called has no appointments till October , unless my GP deemed it urgent and they would re-assess. However, removal under a local anasethetic is not so much on my agenda. I'll hopefully be able to have my PortaCath removed too.

Maybe, then my fake boobs might see the light of day more often. At the moment the right side of the bra and prosthesis press uncomfortably on the skin area over the port.

I also made an appointment for a pap smear (tomorrow) ; they have been sending me reminders from the registry for months. I'll get my dumpster checked out as well after reading this

It stopped me in my tracks.

I'm not embarrassed when I strip off for the doctor or masseuse or other health professionals.

I have no breasts and I like my surgeon's handywork but baring those lady bits scares me silly; silly I know.

Like Julia said - "It might turn our cheeks red(Julia's pun) but better that than paying the ultimate price with our lives."

I told my surgeon I was quite impressed with his stitching skills - to whittle the time while he examined me - and he said he was happy with most ladies results but sometimes he couldn't get the right result due to their size /body shape and lump etc etc and wishes he could have done better . His caring attitude shines.

I must be sincere in reminding you again - check your breasts, know your normal shape and feel and never be embarrassed about anything that concerns you.

Early detection is vital. This website tells you what to look for

They haven't called me with a date for a PET scan, yet ...freakly as I typed that my phone rang and it was the PET suite - Monday 6th July !

I still need sponsors, research for the cure, is the only way we can stop days like these.