Saturday, 9 May 2015

Breakfast in bed and recipes to tempt mums.

I am so glad my Live below the line challenge is over.

Just in time , as you know Mother's Day is tomorrow, flavour was the thing I missed most and a little wine.

I had sugar and savoury food withdrawals and I will take that lesson away - I'm so grateful for the condiments, herbs and spices in my pantry.

Anyway, I hope you're well and ready to be treated like a Queen tomorrow or at least get a rest and lots of hugs or back rubs.

To celebrate Woolworths created some delicious recipes for Dad and the kids to treat us Mums to breakfast in bed ! A sleep in and peace and quiet would be nice too.

Suitable for all taste buds these recipes offer a sweet, savoury, and healthy option -

The recipes are include:

  • Pancake Recipe with Banana & Maple Syrup
  • Hollandaise Sauce with Poached Eggs
  • Quinoa Breakfast Fruit Salad

We made the pancakes together as my celebratory breakfast - I was craving them.

The team from Woolworths arranged for me to collect these groceries (today) and test the three recipes.

whisking the egg whites makes a really light batter.

Bubbles ..(i prefer mine in a glass)

WE nailed it - (we didn't cut them into stars because we were too hungry and there is no waste here)
TIP - Put the mixture in a sauce bottle you can get the kids to make their own shaped or creative pancakes
(You tube video here)

Tomorrow, will be Dad's challenge with "Kids in the kitchen" - can he make
Hollandaise Sauce with Poached Eggs ???

The video It is supposed to be fail safe ...we'll see.

Monday - It's back to a healthy breakfast options for me -  Quinoa Breakfast Fruit Saladif I can get fresh strawberries and blueberries tomorrow.

This afternoon , I ran 5.5km to counteract the pancakes and the indulgence today. It's the first time I've run on the farm in months due to recent sickness, soreness - dodgy knees & hips and a truckload of laziness.

In other good news - Sam gave me shoulder massage tonight and boy he has the moves. I'm going to have to pay him more or just not tell them the iPad passcode.

Disclaimer - I was gifted the basic groceries as above (via Click & Collect -no delivery in my area). I am donating the same amount back to my Live below the line fundraising.

PS - The WW Website has weeks worth of recipes I want to try. All opinions are my own and I love that we have click and collect - I've used it a few times. You can click and collect the whole box and dice of  -ingredients for the recipes.The other major supermarket does not have it in my area !