Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Tidy up loose ends

March has been a busy month so far , embarking on a new #100things challenge - to get rid of a minimum of 100 things - a week.

I know it must be measurable and accountable.

Decisions , decisions ?


I admit I'm not that good at selling, fairly generous at giving away some things and terrible at throwing away useful things (to someone if not me). Recently, I gave our double pram and car seats to a family with 3 adopted children. Plus a new pair of gumboots on the weekend to a friend.

The money is part of the incentive and the freedom de-cluttering brings ...you would think.

After Christmas (I'm slow off the mark)  is a popular time to get rid of crap and de-clutter with everyone after bargains or unwanted gifts, or stuff you have been hoarding for years.

Facebook Garage sale sites and groups

Last week I decided to list a few things on Facebook buy, swap and sell sites.

As a means to an end - de-cluttering and fundraising for our charity Children's Tumour Foundation.
The boys are also learning about saving and working (or earning) money for an iPad mini.

I successfully sold  82 Tupperware kids blocks, in under 15 mins - net $80 - sold locally and she picked up.

My Garmin forerunner10 GPS running watch , I upgraded and just hadn't bothered selling it - $70 (minus a few $ for postage) was next. A few weeks back another 'runner' had annoyingly mucked  around for a week.

The Holden Port-a-cot $50 and an old activity table $15 and Lego table $5 followed.
It wasn't too time consuming to sell these items.


I heard an ad on the radio for a local market day and decided to sell my wares. I spent Friday packing the trailer and ratting out a few things.

The day dawned warm and sultry as I shoved my reluctant husband out of bed at 6:30am.There was much deliberation as we hastily priced the goods , while unpacking and setting up - the early bargain hunters moved in.

It was hot and we didn't have time to arrange proper shelter. We had only a little shade. Markets are good for selling cheap items ; my stash of new teddies was popular at $5 each. My husband decided better to donate the cheap items , if you factor in the labour and standing around for 4 hrs. I disagree.

Haggling is a bit of fun, having people dish your stuff is not.

Still, it was also for the Far West Children's charity so we bought breakfast $20 -  bacon and egg rolls.


I've don't think I've sold much anything on eBay - I am definitely not a 'PLAYER' and I don't like taking 99c risks.

 I buy from eBay. My last week my husband was going to Sydney on business , as my treadmill (running belt developed on large hole) could no longer be used, I searched the same model and by chance from one not far from my Mum's place. He went to inspect it , rang to declare it was in good condition and I jumped onto ebay - hit BUY IT NOW and the deal was sealed. He picked it up the next day. Not literally because the damn thing weighs so much.

Gumtree was checked for  treadmills and  I've have sold a few things on there in the past

What I learned 
  • I learned from holding other items (like the Garmin) for 7 days to say "NO DEAL " - pickup or pay asap or PASS . It works when you have NIL - next(s) in line.
  • Junk under $5 is popular at Market days , especially the small stuff .
  • Some items will be popular and others duds. Research.
  • Paypal is a great way to transfer money.
  • My books (some new) were not as popular as I thought even at $1 -$2
At the end of the day - our pockets have a little more jingle jangle in them. Though , we came home from the markets with a desk a friend gave me (she couldn't sell it) and several empty plastic boxes.

I will list a few other baby and toddler toys and the boys like the idea of us selling their $TUFF for cash.There is a CWA market day Saturday and I'm tempted.

Yesterday, I dropped a big bag of men's shirts (my FIL's) and other clothes off. Adult second hand clothes belong in Op shops or are best given to charity. I often browse Op shops for books especially and I did buy a few items for a friend.

Best of all my  - new to me - $250 treadmill is a beauty ! It looks barely used , plus it was a bargain;  a new replacement treadmill belt was $199 and my husband would have had to fit it.

So tell me what you have sold and where you have had most success selling your unwanted crap items.