Monday, 23 March 2015

Let's get Kranking

Today I joined the local gym - it was a deal too good to refuse.
I received 12 months Corporate membership for virtually the price of 6 months , I joined with a local sporting group. Eagerly, I waited till we had the list of 15+ and we got the GO yesterday.

My weight is creeping to the very top end of my healthy weight range and my clothes are too snug. I've put it on slowly - bite by bite ,

How do you eat an elephant ? 
Bite by Bite

So , I lose it bite by bite...bit by bit

* Smug alert *
I intend to really use it too for equipment and weights that I don't have at home and maybe 2 -3 classes.
Yoga , Aqua / Aqua Zumba and ? Hot Legs !
Seriously, they have the class titled Hot Legs !
I hope it's not standing in the spa or sauna while they cook us.

My favourite new equipment is Jacob's Ladder and Krank cycle.

A few friends are already members or joining too - hopefully a gym buddy or two will keep me accountable and make it more fun...two in the hot tub is more fun than one stranger.

Plus, they have options to share a Personal trainer in small groups.

The hardest part of the workout was changing in the tiny shower cubicle after my workout and getting my jeans back on. I was sweating  glistening like a lady and all out of breath.

My bad. I'm bringing a slip on dress next time.

I'm going to be sorry tomorrow,

Have you ever had a gym membership ?
Did you use it ...wisely ? and get your money's worth ?