Monday, 9 February 2015

Sunshine on the water looks so lovely

I've always loved that song and I digress.

I enjoy dragon boat paddling and being on the water.

Yesterday , the paddling tribe went down to the river , swapping the dragon boats for their own, borrowed or hired kayaks.

We had our three person canoe - 2 adults and our 2 boys who sit in the middle. It works well enough but I envied the freedom of the kayaks.

It was enormous fun.

The hirers packed up and left after their hour on the water , we paddled down the river again and back.

I suggested a detour to a local sporting goods retailer , much whinging ensued with hungry children AND WE ALMOST left empty handed.

Persistent , I walked down and ordered pizza for the grizzling, starving child, while my husband did the deal.

Kayaks x 2 and paddles packed on the ute and kids with 2 pizzas clutched in their hands we headed back to the river bank for a test paddle.

Pizza was devoured and all was good with my little water rats !

Ready to go again. Of course I got purple.

First go out , both boys stayed upright (one adult one child at a time) - no crocodile rolling and even managed to maneuver the kayak in the right direction.


The current is very slow moving most of the time. We will stay right away from the weir.

It's the start of new adventures.


They are our 25th anniversary gifts to each other.

 5 days to go until Cupids Undie Run 
I'm $195 away from my target every $5 or $10 counts for a cause very close to my heart because NF1 affects my 8yr old son and I want to give him a hope for the future.