Tuesday 3 February 2015

February - A few of my favourite things

January was super busy and I was slow blogging , mostly only popping up Wordless Wednesday.

Life is wonderfully full of mostly good things except my boys were also sick on /off for 3 weeks straight - tag teaming. I haven't even considered our milestone celebration in a week.

A lot of lazing around was on my agenda as well as spending time with the kids (movies, playdates, flip out and water slide) and a Dragon Boat paddling regatta to Taree where our women's team won silver.

It was also a 5 day family holiday that included the beach. It was the perfect opportunity to try out the Lagu beach blanket I was sent last year. We live a long way from the beach.

Sized at a comfortable and handy 1.52 x 1.14m, Lagu beach blankets come in a beautiful range of colours and are beach 'eco' friendly. Being sand repellant and quick drying is a bonus for me.  This means it also reduces sand displacement at the beach and in my car.

Yes, J was eyeing it off.
It is estimated that every beach-goer unintentionally displaces at least three handfuls of sand per day x that by the millions of beaches visitors every year -  it translates to a rate of natural sand replenishment in which beaches simply cannot keep up.

Wet or dry - the sand brushed and fell right off Lagu's linen blend blanket - no shaking required. Lagu's beach blanket dried in about 10 minutes unlike my typical cotton towel which can take hours or more to dry in the sun after use.

It took up very little space in my bag and had a really useful sewn in flap which allows you to fold /roll up your blanket when you're not using it, just fasten the buttons built into itself. I'm taking it everywhere , it fits nicely in my car door pocket.

Now the kids are back at school and swimming and sport's carnivals will be marked on the calendar , I think the Lagu will be perfect - beach or not.

My husband almost finished our verandah /porch /deck - and on the weekend assembled our Outdoor day bed & lounge. We both had a Sunday siesta after our lunch guests left.

For once my husband got a blogger gift. Sporting his new stylish wooden JORD watch.

Yes, a wooden watch. He doesn't wear a watch often due to his occupation and he was very impressed with the Sully Black & maple sandalwood . It would make a perfect Valentine or anniversary gift...

 Jord have been in business just over a year and I seriously love their men's and women's fashionable and functional designs. Sure to become timeless classics (no pun intended) at very reasonable prices for such stunning watches. They are splash proof just not intended for complete submergence.

Now I need to find a classy gift for our 25th Wedding anniversary ? In one week we celebrate - I'd love the Cora.*hint*

Though every day is a celebration of sorts - spending a quarter of a century in love with one person is a huge milestone to celebrate.

I'm not sure how to tackle that - Silver spoons - unless it is a medal I'm not that interested in jewelry bling.

Any ideas for me ?   

Want to sponsor me to run in my undies ?