Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Live like you were dying .

Blogging has been the furthermost thing from my mind of late. I've been away 3 weekends (plus extra days) in a row, had scans and Oncology / Dr's appointments in between too.

Firstly. Me - so far so good , I recently had another round of CT scans and I see the [3rd] Oncologist in a month at Westmead. Oncologist 1 & 2 are pleased everything is stable.

I take each day as it comes. Gratefully well enough.

I plan on having as much fun as I can.

Last weekend away I saw things that shook me to my core , plus the news a family member was diagnosed with a new cancer and a close friend with metastasis of her breast cancer to her lungs (as far as they know). Their future is uncertain.

Also, my hub's elderly aunt passed away on Sunday. She had a full life but was incapacitated after a stroke a few years ago that limited her mobility and activities.

At a family camp we attended I met two incredibly brave little girls almost 5 and 11 both recently diagnosed with brain tumours , going through chemo and they had a port like I do . They were joining in all activities and living as normal a life as they can.Their challenges are great but their resilience and inner strength reminds me we are all capable of so much when we have the support of family and friends.