Friday, 11 July 2014

What we're here for !

Yesterday I had the opportunity meet - for the first time - a lovely URL friend that I have been chatting to over the last few months. We have other blogging community friends in common and we are both cancer warriors. I truly admire her determined spirit and courage in the face of adversity. S rarely complains about her rough ride , numerous things that one by itself would break even a strong person.

I recognised S immediately. S kindly rearranged her time , due to my spur of the moment intention to go visit my friend M, who was having major surgery and I knew had no-one to be with her after her op, to meet and wait with me. I was still in Sydney after our 3 day trip to the Snowy mountains.

M had a quick dash to Sydney by air ambulance on Wednesday night. I only wanted to see she was ok and for her to know I really cared. I had dinner with her one night during my rad treatments.

I missed seeing M before surgery by 'that much' about 5mins. I should have worn my runners and sprinted from the train station.

So I waited , the silver lining was I got to meet S. One good thing led to another and S even offered to visit M today. There is nothing more lonely than staring at the walls in a hospital room. The girls have a few personal things in common too. M's hubby will arrive this afternoon from their country town.

M is such a trooper when I entered her room, after 5hrs of surgery and recovery time - she was smiling- awake and bright ! No bed hair either. I encouraged her to let us snap a pic for Facebook ; let her friends and others know she was out of surgery and ok. M has a difficult journey to ahead and will need a lot of support.

One of biggest reasons for running the City 2 Surf and fundraising for National Breast Cancer Foundation is because of my friend and others with secondary Breast Cancer. There is currently no cure, though many women live quality lives for years with Stage IV cancer it is no walk in the park. Every dollar counts.

I am so grateful for all my sponsors so far.

National Breast Cancer Foundation (NBCF) is Australia’s leading charity raising and granting funds for breast cancer research.

They fund research right across the spectrum – from understanding the fundamental basis of the disease to psychosocial research aimed at improving the quality of life for survivors.

Since 1994, $97 million has been awarded to fund over 340 Australian-based research projects to improve the health and wellbeing of those affected by breast cancer.

In that time, because of research, the percentage of women losing their battle with breast cancer has been halved.

NBCF aspirational goal is to achieve zero deaths from breast cancer by 2030. With 37 Australians diagnosed each day and seven losing their battle, there is still much to do.

See my fundraising meter on the right . If you would like donate - I still have 4 weeks.

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