Tuesday, 29 July 2014

What have you been up to ?

Running, Dragon boat paddling, and living the dream ...endless washing and folding clothes (*sob* my iron is out of action)  making beds (some days) throw in a bit of overdue tax returns and business work for my husband.

Damn it , I feel blessed to be well enough to be doing most things I want to be doing.

Daily, I talk to myself my mind out of every cancer related fear... sorrows and regrets and I get with it. I procrastinate over many a cup of tea and Facebook or Pinterest.

I'm great at excuses.

I haven't really been feeling like blogging with the MH17 tragedy and others about the globe. Plus , several friends going through hell'ish cancer journeys. I dislike the word journey because it implies there is an end, sometime to look forward too - a finish.


Not always the one we planned. It feels wrong to whine.

I'm doing well physically - last week I ran the furthest ever (well I think since online records began) and I'm feeling it. I ache all over and my jeans are still too tight. Bummed is an intended pun. My joints are arthritic (seriously) and running requires a lot of effort. Much torture discomfort before the endorphins kick in. I enjoy it and it is good for my old bones.

Just ! I'm not seeing results in my efforts to undo 4-5 months of too much sitting and hand to mouth. I've really tried to eat , well better and nothing. Setting my mind and soul to run the City to Surf is a great goal. Hanging in , I can do , driven by an unknown force and a little selfishness. A race time is not important to me. Much.

It is my future too and I want hope, for me and my breast friends -that's my real goal.

I am so very grateful for the support behind my fundraising for the City to Surf - $86 away from my $2000 target.

We've started training to participate in Dragon Boat racing at Pan Pacific Games in November. The river water is freezing at 10am (hands get wet and the occasional splash from another paddler or your own inept efforts).

Dragon boat racing , a loud and exciting sport promotes community spirit as well as fitness. A lot of clubs were started by breast cancer survivors , though not limited to them. It's easy to get involved in and so much fun! The grunts (starts) are my least favourite.

It is practiced all over Australia , where there are rivers and waterways , at all ages and levels. We have women and men in their 70's in our club. We are still a sport's club albeit less competitive than other clubs with a lot of youth.

We travel to different regattas and it's quite physical . I am one of the half dozen youngest *cough* in our club of almost 70 members. We only paddle once a week during Winter season.

Anyway, the aching ! I succumbed and booked a remedial massage, the earliest is next week. I will need it even more my then.

Tomorrow, I'm traveling 2hrs to visit a Breast C friend and give her a Box of Sunshine, then to visit another friend and her gorgeous daughters, for dinner.

It's also my REST day. Looking forward to that immensely.


What have you been up to ?