Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Ticked off

Sunday, I ticked off my first real 'race' run in over 7 months ; 5 months since my Sarcoma surgery , and 5 weeks post radiation.

I hadn't had much time to train so I wasn't fast and damn those Winery hills.

There was never an intention to race , I am saving myself for the City to Surf. I ran most of the way with D and she kept me going.

Twelve local ladies traveled 4hrs to the Hunter Valley and we had fun. Liberated from children and partners - in squeaky bunk beds ( The 2 ladies who arrived last got to share the double) - we laughed a lot and ate too much food.

The biggest lamb shank ever at Potter's Brewery.

We all ticked off some kind of milestone in the Hunter. Ten of us were aged from 42-48 yrs .

Two ladies ran their first ever 10k run (both in mid 40's), others ran post injuries .What a thrill is was to watch our coach (team mentor) achieve her sub 4hr marathon 42kms ; seeing her cross the line. Everyone was so proud of her.

Thanks to my generous supporters we cracked the $1500 fundraising target. A magic mark to tick off . I believe research is the most effective way to end breast cancer and stop women dying from advanced (secondary) breast cancer where the breast cancer metastasizes.  Cancer in the breast doesn't kill you - until it spreads to other regions in the body , it becomes incurable and eventually terminal.

Of course targets were meant to be smashed so now I'm aiming for $2000 ;

because the National Breast Cancer Foundation (NBCF) is Australia’s leading charity raising and granting funds for breast cancer research.

Our aspirational goal is to achieve zero deaths from breast cancer by 2030. With 37 Australians diagnosed each day and seven losing their battle, there is still much to do.
July has been a busy month , so blogging is kind of on hiatus. In the next few months I'll be ticking off a lot more things - two Dragon Boat paddling regattas - including Pan Pacific Masters Games in November.

August,  I'm running completing 14km Sydney City to Surf ,Then the Dubbo Stampede Zebra Zoom my second Half marathon (deep breaths) September 7th, the Relay for Life follows 20-21st September.

It is a unique event where teams of 10 to 15 challenge themselves in a 24hr relay ... 
 Relay For Life is an overnight, community event for thousands of Australians who, relay non-stop as they celebrate cancer survivors, remember those lost, and fight back against the disease by raising important funds.
I'm struggling (mentally) to plan my life more than 3 months in advance because of malignant cancers twice in 18 months .

I am still philosophical that you get on with life and you go about your days as normally as you can. Thankful for second (and third) chances I also want to fight back by raising money as I challenge myself , keep fit and have fun in my community.

Stay tuned as I tick off things . Thank you to all my sponsors I am so thrilled you are on my cyber team.

What have you got to tick off in 2014 ?