Friday, 27 June 2014

Lost my name personalised Children's books and The Narbalek

Gifted review

In Lost My Name, plenty of animals talk.  There’s an elephant, a chameleon, a bear, crikey, an eagle, a frog, hippo, nabarlek…

Hang on a Narbarlek ?

The nabarlek (Petrogale concinna), also known as the pygmy rock-wallaby or the little rock-wallaby, is a very small species of macropod found in northern Australia.
Well , I learnt something new today.

I received an offer to send my boys a personalised Lost our name book. Fantastic for those who choose youneek names for their children. Lost my name books are a personal, beautiful magical book with an adventure based on the letters of their name.

Different characters give a different letter . Uniquely different to other kids personalised books in the market where the child's name is in the story - Lost my name created a book where the child's name IS the story.

Our The little boy who lost His name books arrived yesterday and I'm so impressed.
The quality is beautiful with sturdy pages. The words are by - David Cadji-Newby and the amazing illustrations by Pedro Serapicos .

I ordered both of mine in  about 1 minute. Hey presto - view you can see your finished book in 30 secs or so ... enter your child's name see the magic yourself

It is an independent project and totally self published. Produced by three dads and an uncle who started up the project as something small, and well, it turned into something really great!

In Lost My Name, a fierce lion is sad because everybody’s scared of him, and nobody wants to play with him.  Animals can embody human characteristics – fierceness, vanity, pride, depression – while de-stigmatising it.  Meeting a fierce lion is less scary than meeting a fierce adult, but lets us talk about the same issues.

The lessons all of the wonderful animal characters teach children throughout their childhood more than make up for the odd moment they might wonder if a cow really can dance, or ask why that racoon isn’t singing.
I wasn't asked to write about them and I choose to share it because it's truly a lovely idea and gift for a child.

Delivery time was about 2 weeks.