Monday, 19 May 2014

May 19 : Private dining ~ 1864 style.

Just prior to our 18th Wedding Anniversary - I won a Romantic gourmet dinner for two in a private dining room to value of $150 . Perfect timing.

The venue was at Loxley On Bellbird Hill and it was just the two of us in '1864' exclusive private dining room overlooking the foggy, misty Hawkesbury Valley - till the fog cleared and clouds rolled away revealing the twinkling lights on or rather down the hill.

I had taken my camera but forgot to take photos of the food eager to demolish our dinner.

For a quick starter we had chicken on skewer with a chilli dipping sauce.
we had a choice of two meals for the three courses ...

Entree ~ lamb loin with baby beetroot and two scallops
Main ~ grilled Barramundi with potato au gratin , broccolini and snow-peas.
Dessert ~ DH chocolate fondant pudding and orange icecream (with choc and some liqueur)
Me - Raspberry Pannacotta, kiwi fruit with white choc sauce (a drizzle)

It was superb ...someone came out to apologise because the Head chef wasn't available to cook our meal - we would never have noticed.

We both had a single glass of wine (DH Merlot) and I had Stony Peak chardonnay . We thought we had to pay for this and were quite happy to , but at the end of the meal they said the wine was complimentary and so was the coffee. Hooray for attentive and generous service !

Gentle music played while in the distance there was the occasional roar of laughter from a wedding reception.

The meals were fresh, tantalizing and served in a timely fashion, without interruptions from our then 2yr old children - hence one of the best restaurant meals ever.