Tuesday, 13 May 2014

May 13 ~ Phone Home

My relationship with my phone - until my car breaks down on the highway or I can't find the car keys to hassle hubby - none what so ever.

Though I have been using it to call home whenever I am away - conversations with others are snappy. I am very frugal when it comes to paying for calls. We have a $15 plan we've had for over 8yrs. I can call hub for free.

It's a Smart phone ; I rarely play games on it , have minimal apps and I don't use it for the Internet or Facebook . Sometimes I'll use Instagram and Strava.

The camera is handy , when I remember it's there.

In fact I can hardly ever find my phone or hear it ring (even in my handbag) or ping me for a message. I miss calls and text messages often.

I'm hard work if you want to contact me. A friend coming to get her son after a play date last weekend and the weekend before had trouble ...she wasn't sure where to go and I promised to keep my phone handy (the 2nd time).

I send text messages sure , just not many.Mostly, I am returning them.

...Maybe I'll change my tune when I upgrade to an iPhone or ?

My iPad on the other hand - it would be the among the first five things I'd grab if there was a fire.