Sunday, 11 May 2014

May 11 : The Chainsaw wasn't such a good idea

I've never seen 'Texas Chainsaw Massacre' ; I've watched only a few 'Friday the 13ths.' ....a long time ago.
Nearly , two years ago for my birthday I got this

Farm Boss 311

No joke.
I have used it once, under my brother's instruction.
Oh course , it's easy for a bloke.

It wasn't quite what I was expecting - the feeling of raw power.
The danger.
I didn't ask for it exactly ... well I did want the wood fire.

The one skill I've wished to have (in the last 2 years) is the ability to use 'The Farm Boss
" for my own pleasure  without amputating my limbs, fingers or anything else. I want to learn to use the axe to chop wood too !

Fortunately , we have the use of fab wood splitter. I help with that.

We have a wood fired heater ; it keeps us warm all through winter.We have hundreds of trees on our property, mostly we use fallen trees (not animal hollows & homes) or the chainsaw for storm cleanup especially when branches take out the fences.It would be a useful and practical skill - that I can maim aim for.

Other skills I've wished for ...

I've also always wanted to be a more skilled chef but that is one skill I doubt I'll ever master.:) I have enough trouble resisting food now.

Persevering with guitar lessons and learning to play the piano though not high on my desired skills list they were oft wished for skills . I regret it now ... though would be hard with hearing impairment  to play in tune. 

Speaking in an other tongue ...other than Pirate English or Curse.
Dancer ..I've.two left feet when not planted on the toes of another or in my mouth.

It's never too late to try something new ! 

If he was really serious he had bought me this 


What is a skill you have always wished for  ?