Friday, 7 March 2014

The Wonder years

As in ...

I wonder where I put my car keys ?
I wonder if I took my pills ?
I wonder why I came into this room ?
I wonder when my Dr's appointment is ?
I wonder where I put my glasses ?
I wonder why I said that ?

I wonder if I paid the power bill ?
I wonder why it is so hot in here ?
5 mins later ...I wonder why it's so cold in here ?
I wonder why my jeans have shrunk ?
I wonder what the speed limit is ?
I wonder if that police officer was looking at me ?

I wonder why my days are swallowed up at a time (all this wondering for a start)?
I wonder why I put that or this there ?
I wonder why the 'things' that I am wondering where I put them, are found only the day after I needed them or 10 mins after I buy a new one ?
I wonder if I replied to that email ?
I wonder if I locked the door ?
I wonder if I turned the iron off ?

I wonder why weight loss doesn’t have to involve countless hours sweating the kilojoules off ?
I wonder if half an hour of kissing can really help you burn in excess of 126 kilojoules ?
Great , so I wonder if to lose 1 kg of body fat in a week and you need to burn an additional 37,000 kJ, the maths how long do you have to kiss to lose a few kilos?
I wonder if this gets you both in the mood - could you could boost your kilojoule burn with extra physical activity in the bedroom ? # see below
I wondered enough so I goggled it and a 30 minute sex session could account for around 600 kilojoules.
I wonder why everything hurts ?

I wonder what this is growing in my Tupperware container ?
I wonder why I can't follow the google maps unless it is the right way up ?
I wonder why everyone asks me where I put their "thingos" ?
I wonder how I spell that word ?
I wonder why things are so unfair sometimes ?
I wonder why I can't make my mind up ?

I wonder if I should buy that ?
I wonder if I should have dessert ?

Oh well YES is always the answer to those last two ...

I am learning to embrace the wonder years .

Haha Edited to add - because I really was wondering this recently too but I forgot I had even wondered it, to mention it - I wonder why so many of us sign off SMS/text and email messages sent to random people and URL friends and people we haven’t met yet with X & O's as in xoxoxox - read this funny post on has the online cup of affection runneth over.

What do you wonder ?

Linking up with Grace - FYBF.

PPS: LOL - I just told my husband about the bedroom activity - he said I wonder how they test these things out ...