Monday, 10 March 2014

My favourite Things !

In 2014, Multiple Birth Awareness Week will be held on 9-16th March nationally. When multiple birth families and clubs celebrate -  the challenges and joys of Multiple Births .

Every day I know how lucky we are to be gifted our two miracles S & J . At seven years they are developing very different personalities - chalk and cheese. Some people still say they look alike but others are amazed how different they are (besides the glasses)

Even push ans coot with different feet.
Each year, the Australian Multiple Birth Association (AMBA) promote Multiple Birth Awareness Week. Promoted at a local and national level it hopes to educate communities about the existence of AMBA and how it supports families as they meet the challenges of parenting twins, triplets and more.
these are some of the events.

Incredible fact: In 1853. a peasant named Kirilow was presented to the empress of Russia as he had been married twice and his wives gave birth to 72 children including 4 sets of quads. 8 sets of triplets and 8 sets of twins !

I cannot imagine it. Hardly seems believable.

Last night I discovered they are trying to re-establish a local Multiple birth group , meanwhile I've joined their Facebook group. I haven't been an AMBA member for a few years since we planned our tree-change.

They have a meet and greet on Sunday in a local playground.

This year my twins are in separate classes for the first time , in fact, there are 4 (of 5 that started in Kinder - the 5th set my friends moved to SA) sets of twins in their grade and all are in different classes - a few separated 'twin's per class.

It was a big decision for me and I'm still not confident about it, though both boys are coping well.

In a way I felt like a fraud having twins via IVF instead of naturally but regardless we came through against all the odds - so they are still miracles.

[After adopting 14yrs ago, then my first pregnancy in 2004 which ended when our daughter was stillborn at 6 months we went down IVF path in 2005.]

On our 2nd cycle (3rd Embryos transfer) we had two remaining embryos from 17 fertilised eggs. We had had two previous transfers of two embryos – unsuccessful.

On our third attempt those two embryos implanted and we were elated I could finally take a breath and go to the toilet at our 7 weeks 2 days ultrasound - it was our greatest joy to see both our little blobs had perfect beating hearts.

In time , really at the last minute , I  contacted our local AMBA as I didn’t want to jinx myself.

I didn’t subscribe … till after their birth. We went along to an expectant parent evening and I began to realise what a blessing we had received - excepting not one baby but twice the joy in two for price of one. They made it all seem so normal and wonderful at the same time.

Keeping it real - I knew I wouldn’t have to worry if something came up because someone would sure to have an answer for me and support. I never thought – how will I cope? Our boys arrived one month early but well and perfectly healthy.

So far it has been an amazing journey and I cannot imagine life without our cheeky monkeys that fill our lives with much love,, joy, mess , chaos and laughter. I went to school today to help with Literacy in Sam's class. Joel spotted me at recess , ordered the special Wacky Wednesday lunch . He rushed over to give me a hug - then said we eager eyes - can we have some money for the canteen ?

They interact well with each other (when they are not fighting over our  , iPads, TV remote, Lego and who sits in the front seat to drive to the bus stop or a certain rear seat - the one that can see their DAD). Their Bus driver has then well and truly in his sights - in separate seats directly behind him too !

I hope they remain friends!  and also grateful they have each other , living on the farm is a bit isolating.

Happy Multiple Birth Week to all my Multiple birth friends...

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