Thursday 20 March 2014

Good news 1 : BONE SCAN was clear

My BONE SCAN yesterday was clear of Metastastic disease. All week I've been worrying running on adrenalin and I haven't slept much due to the worry of what is unseen to the naked eye.

Xray vision anyone ?*  

Vague aches and pains everywhere , not that I complain , just saying I have them and they cause more anxiety than actual pain - wondering, what if ?

One less worry, now. I'm so very relieved though I still have other things to deal with. Meddlesome arthritic changes; I can live with creaks and groans that.

It feels like a dark cloud has lifted from us this week with many things falling into place for the case management plan with Sarcoma Multi-displinary team in Sydney. The appointment after the meeting to discuss the options and recommendations is my next hurdle. I will fly down to Sydney for the day and back home again.

Tuesday, the visiting Radiation Oncologist said after looking at my notes , he would advise Radiation therapy. He reassured me he will be happy to take care of it . He told me Dr S was very good and also there was a better Sarcoma team, in Sydney.

Big decisions.

I’ve exhausted many articles and research results available on the Internet, plus chatted to people in a Sarcoma Facebook group. I'm much more confident in accepting the doctors’ recommendations and asking questions.

“Sometimes the questions are complicated and the answers are simple.”
― Dr. Seuss
 Rather , Vice versa ?

I know many more people are reading than commenting ; there isn't much you can say.It's okay.
Although some of you have met me and more may never, meet me personally, I thank you for your concern and for caring about me and my family.

The lovely GP gave me a stronger script to help me sleep.

The earworms are still on loop ... I'm freaking out because tomorrow is another big day with Brain (because of headaches - I have them randomly - so they are covering everything as a matter of course, to rule it out or to know) and neck MRI (because of the other lesion or whatever ). They said MRI will take one hour.

At least Dem bones are good for another dance.

Is he doing the Futterwacken *?

I heard this song today the Faith to Believe ; I've not heard it before. I love it.

*The Futterwack or Futterwacken is a dance in the Alice in Wonderland movie.

There is actually for that - an X ray vision app I checked to prank your friends with.

We have lovely friends coming to stay the weekend and I am really looking forward to that.
What have you got planned ?