Thursday, 13 February 2014

TLC for kids - a cause to smile

Fortunately, my sons have not had to spend much time in hospital - though we should have frequent flyer points for accident and emergency visits.

Sam in hospital with Rotavirus in 2012. The perks of blogging saw a timely surprise. He still struggled to smile because he was feeling so unwell.

Recently I attended the Blogger's BBQ -which saw Kids Business donate $10/blogger that attended to TLC. TLC for kids is distinctly different from other children’s charities in the health sector.

They provide emergency distractions to nurture the emotional well-being of kids undergoing medical treatment, within 48 hours of the request being made. They operate a national network of services and programs to over 400 hospitals across Australia from a small team based in Melbourne.

I worked previously as a registered nurse in a busy Paediatric (Children's) ward for 10yrs , so TLC is very close to my heart.

Having spent the last few days in hospital myself I know that undergoing any procedure is stressful and emotional.

When a child has been admitted to public hospital (that has an agreement with TLC) with any illness or injury, approved nurses or healthcare professionals, who feels a child could really do with something to bring back a bit of fun and normality, notifies TLC.

It could be a surprise gift, a visit from a special celebrity they admire, or a day trip out from hospital.
Just as important is something as simple as covering the cost of getting the child’s parents to the hospital to be by their side.

The Rapid TLC service adapts to the needs of the child and family, and the trust we have developed over time in our hospital referral system means the service won't be abused.

Most requests are met within 48 hours, sometimes even within the hour, so that the child and their family gets the support when it matters most. TLC sometimes refer to their service as ‘the fire brigade of children’s charities!’

I spoke the Ana from TLC and she also informed me the reason they can provide such a rapid response is thanks to the generosity of TOLL express couriers who deliver for free. Great work TOLL , it helps keeps admin costs to a minimum.

The Royal Flying Doctors also use the services of TLC for paediatric patients.

TLC also distribute and manage a network of 1700 (currently) Distraction Boxes, which take up permanent residence in over 400 Australian hospitals and medical institutions.

Distraction boxes are used by nurses and healthcare professionals to guide children through frightening and painful procedures, drastically reducing procedure time,stress and anxiety. The boxes contain a range of toys for nurses to choose something age appropriate, and toys can be sanitized and re-used.

TLC for kids CEO & Founder Tim Conolan is the Australian of the Year – Local Hero 2014

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