Monday, 9 December 2013

Monday Memories ~ David Bowie , Bing Crosby and Vienna Boys Choir sing Little Drummer Boy

This is one clip I don't remember seeing. the extraordinary and spunky - young Mr Bing Crosby ! Just kidding - it's the glam-rock singer , David Bowie of Space Oddity fame (late 60s).

David has continued to be a major figure in the world of popular music for over four decades. He is a psychedelic and unique performer ...very cute looking here ! I love his voice.


The Little Drummer Boy - Gift of Love 1968

In 1968, Rankin-Bass produced a stop motion animated Christmas television special based on The Little Drummer Boy. The film names the drummer boy Aaron and expands the song's storyline to include events before the birth of Jesus. It stars the voices of Greer Garson as "Our Storyteller" and Jose Ferrer as Ben Haramad;

I am delighted to have found the original clip from the movie Little Drummer Boy. I remember little 'Aaron' carrying his injured lamb , and always crying. It is a profound Christmas memory, like Frosty the Snowman !

I didn't know remember that the Vienna Boys Choir sing this title song. Of course by the end , the little lamb and Aaron are healed.

The message of the giving of a simple gift is something I want to focus on. There is too much emphasis on the round, jolly man in red suit who sneaks into our house while we sleep...

I still expose my children to a 'commercialized' Christmas with all the trimmings , in moderation.

How are your Christmas plans coming along ?

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