Tuesday, 3 September 2013

I'm making myself unstoppable

Ready, set , step !

I'm slow blogging at the moment , sure I'm still busy moving < 50m and settling into our new home. I am also moving more than I ever have before.

Sunday, I lined up with 500-600 others to complete the 10km Cheetah Chase in the Dubbo Stampede. My time was just over 63mins. I am happy with that, I finished about half way for my age group, gender and just over half across all 550 finishers in 10km.

I saw a group of women wearing the same running top. I asked one lady who they were . I searched the Facebook group and joined it. I'm already in Kate's  #OperationMove Facebook group - they are my online running support group. A wealth of information sharing too.

Just now I think I've found my real life running 'tribe'. I joined them at 6.15am this morning, though today was a meander through a bush track as they were recovering from the Stampede. Thursday 6.15am will be a serious run and training.

Yes, a 5.45am start for me (2 days a week minimum) - I haven't seen a sunrise in a while ...well I have but unintentionally , unless I was waiting to catch a plane or train.I can't believe I'm committing to such early starts and running.

BY virtue of such early starts I'll be going to bed earlier , which should make my Man happy ...except if I wake him when I leave early . More sleep has to be good for me.

I'll also have to be more organised for school ...as we don't finish till 7am and then I have to drive 15-20mins home (Hub is with them anyway to get the started)

I'd like to do Half Marathon at The Sussan Women's Fun Run in December for Breast Cancer Network Australia.

Dragon boating is also on my agenda, quite popular for women recovering from Breast Cancer and very good for fitness. I hope to be paddling regattas one day.

In other news the Drummer boys are stepping up too for the Step-a-thon  2 – 8 Sept . We have been walking to school bus stop in morning (leaving at 7.45am) and walking home. Plus another 2-3km paddock walk. They were quite impressed we found a dead cow yesterday *sob* I'll miss you #4.

Why are we stepping up ?

Today the health of children is challenged by issues such as cancer, allergies, diabetes and depression. Researchers at Murdoch Childrens Research Institute are working towards finding preventions and treatments to these, and hundreds of other rare and common childhood illnesses, so that future generations of kids are healthy.
If you would like to sponsor them $5 -$10

He isn't so happy walking to the front gate LOL