Tuesday, 20 August 2013

I got lost , running for my life !

Life has been stressful and super frenetic. A fancy word for fast and energetic in a rather wild and uncontrolled way: "a frenetic pace of activity".

Synonyms ~ frenzied - wild - frantic - mad - rabid - all of them fit.

On Saturday, I woke up early {6.30am} and decided to go for a run on the farm...like a bizarre craving. < We have 20+ km of tracks and more old tracks criss crossing 1000+ acres.

My son hugged me goodbye good-morning and said can I have play your iPad.  By the time I downloaded a running app on my phone both sons were up. As I waved them goodbye - at about 7am - I said "If I am not back at 8 o clock send DADDY to find me". They didn't seem to care or hear - once connected to minecraft ...

Off I ran for my life and as the warmish gentle breeze blew - I got lost . I knew I would eventually find my way back to a more familiar track or landmark , I could see recent car tyres tracks and I passed a neighbouring fenceline. I had to bush bash at one point because I was at a dead end. I was okay and still ran nearly all the way like the zombies were chasing me. I eventually found my way clear of the bush.

The app said I did 8km in just over an hour, I think I'd paused the app at some point but I was very happy about it.

All my energy right now goes into just breathing, running, cleaning and de-cluttering, refereeing my fighting monsters cherubs who I adore more than anything but can't wait to put on the bus to school. My husband has been away more than half of the month (on & off).

I wake up determined to get everything under control and organised but I fail because I try to do it all at once or not at all when the chair beckons me to sit a while and start click , click ,tap, tap tapping.


It drains me completely placing my last bit of strength into getting to the point of being satisfied I made some difference before crawling into bed at midnight. I don't sleep well when he is away and I don't relax...though running is kind of relaxing.

I am struggling with anxiety about lots of things. I am well enough at the moment but I worry too much.

Last Thursday was National Relaxation Day, 15th August. My schedule ran around the activities of your kids, I had literacy groups in their classroom - which I do enjoy . Then I had shopping and to come back home to have everything in shape for Hub's return.

Life is insanely busy and there isn’t often a chance to relax (except when I run - yes I sound crazy). I think the idea behind National Relaxation Day reminded me it's so important to slow down sometimes.

I didn't get much chance to put my feet up and unwind but I did the enjoy the pamper package I was sent !    
I know seriously who does laundry on National Relaxation day ?

If nothing else always take 10 mins to pamper yourself. 

I wasn't under any obligation to blog about the gift but I do love the strawberry body butter.

The shampoo/conditoner was perfect choice for my coloured hair too...sadly my hairdresser isn't keen to bleach my hair so soon after it re-growing (and a recent colour) so I can't go the vibrant purple I want.

I confess I'm hooked on running to ease my anxieties, for my fitness and to stay abreast [pun intended] of other runners because I don't want to run last.

What is your favourite time or way to relax ?