Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Hey Let's (not) Start Unpacking and other junk.

I did it.

City to Surf done and dusted - and I ran almost all of the 14kms- only walking through the sodden drink stations and paper cup (thank goodness) debris.

Thanks to Sarah, my random running buddy from just before Heartbreak hill, who spurred me on.
We met on the road and paced each other.

Sarah told me she was running to fund raise for an Indigenous group - IMP is a health promotion charity that annually selects, trains and takes a group of Indigenous athletes to compete in the New York Marathon Running to America.
 {Like them on FB here}

She was also very encouraging and told me her Mum was a 7yr Breast cancer survivor. Awesome news to hear anytime.

I also reached my $1000 target thanks to many kind and generous supporters.

I am back in the bush now , digging deep into the tetris of boxes that sums up 23yrs of marriage.
I lied.
That isn't quite true because we still have boxes in Sydney from our move in 2000.
Yes, well, right , moving along.

I have no idea what is in those boxes , I just hope it wasn't edible because there were mice in the garage we had the boxes stored in.
I think it is re-gifted wedding gifts crystal glasses, vases, an array of salad bowls , Tupperware with no lids and junk.
Junk indeed.

I am slowly making my way through some of what is here.
I found three pair of low heeled shoes I haven't worn in maybe 2 yrs. I forgot I had them. I live in my ECCO Boots, Slippers or Runners.
I also found my husband's unworn brand new, 2yr old, 'expensive' shoes , he hasn't worn in forever.

It's a mammoth task and I am trying to stay calm as I sort stuff for the charity stores or school fete.
I am a hoarder , not exactly OCD with rubbish but I still struggle to throw out perfectly good things or wonky heat melted candles, my collection of corks ...I have been saving them for the Guides or a bushman's hat or something.
Wine corks are rare these days. I rarely drink alcohol and not many bottles have real corks.
I digress.
Life has been crazy full on, the last 2 weeks since my FIL passed away. There is so much I want to tell you but either haven't the time (unpacking and de-cluttering sucks all my time and energy and I still need time to run) and some of it isn't my story to tell.

In time.
What have you been up to ?

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I reached my target in the City to Surf 14km run  as Gold Charity Runner , raising funds for Breast Cancer Network Australia too, fundraising is still open  - here