Tuesday, 30 July 2013

The Dash

I'm not talking about

the first morning dash to the toilet

the dash to find the school library books

the dash to find car keys (or my phone)

the dash to the school bus (and the dash to be first on the bus)

the dash to the clothesline when your hear spits of rain on the roof

the dash to rescue the cat , after Mr 7.2 leaves the back door open, and the dog is chasing her through our old quarters, fur is flying, the cat is spitting and trying to scratch me, everything is tumbling and the dog nips you (this was yesterday)

I could go on ....I'm just so dashing !

No, I want to share this special poem The Dash . Please take the 2 mins to listen to the author recite it.

I recited this poem at my father's funeral service 8yrs ago and was overcome by its perfect truth.
Though I often need reminding to slow down and to think more about things I’d like to change !

This week we said goodbye to someone special. His blood flows on, through my husband and my children's veins. I am thankful for all he did for us.

His dash  30.7.1927- 28.7.2013

He saw a lot of changes in almost 86yrs.
I know my FIL would have laughed about the dog chasing the cat.

I'm glad my boys got to know him, well, because my own Dad passed away 10 months before they were born.
Life is too deep for words, so don't try to describe it, just live it. -C.S. Lewis
How will you spend your dash ?  
Are there things you’d like to change?

He loved Slim.
It's his birthday today. I'll bake him a cupcake and eat it for him.

A special dash - if you would like to help me !

I'm taking part in the City to Surf 14km run  as Gold Charity Runner , raising funds for Breast Cancer Network Australia too. I've pledged to raise $1000 ,and I need sponsors - every $ 10 counts ;) -
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