Friday, 21 June 2013

You are how old ?

Things I know 

I'm a milestone kind of girl, last week was my 'cancerversary' - I didn't know what to call it till yesterday.

A year ago I had zero awareness of what breast cancer involved. A year ago, yesterday, I said goodbye to my breasts and was the lucky recipient of a flat–but cancer-free–chest. I'm ok with that.

Our lives were shaken up but overall I know I've had a good year . Not to say it wasn't a horrendous experience but we still got on with our life.

I'm grateful for all the good things and good people in my life. I know some people struggle to get anyone to care.

Before my diagnosis I didn't know about the emotional effects, about the process, about the pain, about survivorship, the required support and where donations went - I knew none of it.

I know I'd be very appreciative if anyone wants to sponsor me for City to Surf so I can help raise $1000 for Breast Cancer Network Australia to help other women faced with a breast cancer diagnosis

receive the very best information, treatment, care and support possible.

I know that Cinnamon Roll pancakes with cream cheese glaze make a lot of mess but it's worth 30mins of prep and even washing up.

Real cooks make a mess !

I can't wait till the power is connected (and water) , another day closer to using my new dishwasher - it's been 18 months since we said goodbye to our dishwasher.

There were so many rocks. It is much deeper than it looks.
Facebook Hackers deserve nothing less than being buried in a deep you hear me BIL.

I'm a terrible 'judge' of age, a lady I met recently told me she was 47 yesterday ...oops I thought she was way older than I was. Of course I never mentioned it. Maybe breast cancer aged her but sheesh I hope I don't look that old.

I know that some women have zero knowledge of idevices, Facebook, Instagram , Twitter and dare I say blogging!

I didn't dare tell them how much time I spent online. Of course I am reading (your blog) , yes filling my brain with more knowledge, laughing, looking for healthy recipes (see above) and READING ...I'm never playing CANDY CRUSH. Ever !

What do you know ?