Monday, 13 May 2013

Day 13 Sorry

I apologise for oversharing and for any way , my level of navel-gazing and discussing it with a bunch of anonymous strangers offends you.

I'm sorry if my grammar is ungrammarly - though I really try hard not to mix my their, there and they're.
I'm sorry if I unfriended you because of your Facebook rants or political incorrectness (?).

If I didn't read your latest status and LIKE you enough, sorry!
My apologies if the pancakes I ate for breakfast and instagramed made you hungry.
I'm sorry if my run keeper updates made you feel like a sloth.
Fortunately , I don't need to say sorry about my fashion choices or selfies because I have I have no class.

My narcissism may come back to mortify me.
Do you have any tips for 'how to share' ? or rules
I'm taking part in the Mother's Day Classic raising funds for breast cancer research. Every extra dollar raised goes towards vital research into the prevention and cure of breast cancer.
I'll be participating or volunteering along with 120,000 Australians nationwide who are making a difference on Mother's Day . You can help me too by donating online

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