Saturday, 22 December 2012

Sony Vaio ~ Escape to the city with Ben O Donoghue

On December 11th [drove down 10th actually] I had to travel to Sydney to see my Breast cancer surgical oncologist for my six month review. It was all good news too.

Fortunately for me it coincided with the chance to see the Sony Vaio Tap 20 in action and meet celebrity chef Ben O’Donoghue, plus hang out with a few blogging buds.

Photo by Sony

One of my sons was receiving an award at the presentation day, so in fairness neither the Little Drummers accompanied me .I tagged onto Tina & Annabell's team.

The Grounds of Alexandria is like an escape to a secret garden oasis and I am going to take my boys and Hubby there soon.

The Sony Vaio Tap 20 had some amazing apps and I could see how much fun the kids (& adults) were having playing with the apps. I knew little about the Vaio, it looks like a PC screen , performs like a PC because it runs Windows 8  but you can use it like a 'huge' tablet. The touch screen is amazing or you  use the wireless keyboard and mouse. It comes with a built in web cam . The Sony Vaio is definitely top of the list when we next upgrade our computer.

The tablet was standing upright displaying the recipe, first up everyone was cooking pancakes.

Photo by Sony

Then barbecued peaches ...mmm.

 It made it so easy to view the recipe from any direction. The drawing and colouring app was a lot of fun. It can also be used flat on the floor for games. It is an awesome device.

Photo by Sony

Tired of doing the same things over the holidays? 
Want a selection of cool and inspiring summer suggestions in the one place?
I posted on my facebook page a month ago about  Sony Australia launching the ultimate summer entertainment guide called Summertainment -with 1001 ideas for summer.

You can be inspired by events listed across Australia and even cheerful and quirky things to do at home .Prizes are up for grabs too !

I love The Grounds ...grounds.

The team at the Grounds cooked us a a lovely lunch too. I loved the chips !

Disclaimer: this is not a sponsored post. I was not paid, nor instructed to write this post. I did however receive a goody basket  and I wanted to share this experience. All opinions are my own!