Sunday, 18 November 2012

My week ~ Instagram # 5 and Mission Complete

It's been a long weekend  de-cluttering and ridding the Casa de shed of 100 pieces of clutter , 99% of it toy or kid related. It's been on my to do list for months but I just haven't had the energy or inclination to be truthful.

Yes , poor Elmo (x 2) went in the bag too # FMSphotoaday
Drink # FMSphotoaday
Bake at Home with Zumbo ...*sigh* it didn't happen today despite my plans # FMSphotoaday (Man-made)
Last thing I bought # FMSphotoaday

The 100 things -just a portion shown here - it happened this weekend # FMSphotoaday
Where I slept # FMSphotoaday 
View out my dirty kitchen window # FMSphotoaday
Little cabin on the prairie is now clad

I've still got another 100 of non toy detritus - to be fair - I plan to do over the next week.

In other Instagram news - I got a big surprise {hardly surprising perhaps} - scrolling through Instagram ... I knew the teenage devils were always up to no good when I heard them laughing with my toddlers.

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