Sunday, 11 November 2012

My week - Instagram #4

Flowers from my Friend's garden (well behind her compost heap she said where no-one was appreciating them)
6. A favourite thing: #FMSphotoaday
4. TV: #FMSphotoaday Kids always in control of remote !
Lindt ...say no more

9. Small: #FMSphotoaday Pandora Charms
10. Can’t {won’t} live without: #FMSphotoaday
5. 5 o’clock: #FMSphotoaday - checking out newborn calf (calves actually )
OMG - Cream Cheese Choc frosting ...must not buy.

 8. Something you do everyday: Drink tea; read and blog  #FMSphotoaday
3. Breakfast: #FMSphotoaday
7. Reflection: #FMSphotoaday
Bloggers Brunch - Brown Sugar jacket I should have bought ; )

my week according to instagram