Sunday, 7 October 2012

My week ~ Instagram

Playing along for the First time ...
Thankful {for filling the spa}/ Shadow / Morning Tea at Cancer Care Centre {complimentary}/  Yabby Fishing / Reading / New rock garden / Light {yabby onLine} / Escaping Yabby / The Catch { & release} /Ikea TIDNY Colour-in Fabric

Hooray for last day of the School holidays . I took the boys yabbying this afternoon to keep a promise.

I had to drive to three different dams before we got lucky.The fun is in the catch for us. Lucky for these guys we are having a BBQ for dinner over yonder hills (farm #1 & family). 

They will be released to a different dam in our backyard paddock.

How was your week /day ?
Are you as happy as me that school holidays are over ?