Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Fifty Sheds of Grey (A Parody) Better than the alternative -

And how do I figure that ...well I started reading Fifty Shades of Grey 2 months ago and I still haven't finished it .

A friend, L lent me her well thumbed copy, passed on surreptitiously at the Saturday Farmer's markets by her friend - S (a new acquaintance to me) - she smiled slyly at she passed it over and said "You'll like it -it's interesting" ). 

Lucky I had another bag with me to hide it in quick. 
I started it and I have read about half way through, just can't even find where I put it down.

Fifty Sheds of Grey (A Parody) is a compilation of shed erotica for the not-so-modern man...{or woman} It is based on the tweet account @50ShedsofGrey .

I finished  Fifty Sheds of Grey (A Parody) in one day and I'm still re reading it. It's short, it's funny and a little bit naughty or not so depends how you read it!

It would make a great shed coffee table book...

You will know how funny these 140 character tweets are - if you have seen the random tweets pop up in the tweet feed.

Colin Grey's life was happy and simple until the day everything changed – the day his wife read THAT book. Suddenly, he was thrust head-first into a dark, illicit world of pleasure and pain.

This is the story of one man's struggle against a tide of tempestuous, erotic desire and of the greatest love of all: the love between a man and his shed.

WARNING: The images below contain graphic shed-based images. Please don't look if you are easily offended. 

Even my hubby laughed as I read out loud some of the one liners . I haven't dared read him THAT book. I liked the double entendres or puns ... he wasn't all together sure why I was laughing so hard that I choked up - breathless unable to go on - at a few. My friend, L was highly amused too.

"I stared longingly through the shed window and adjusted my trousers. The sight of her dewy, slightly unkempt lawn had awoken my inner gardener." 

You may want to send hubby somewhere a little more private before he reads this. Like his shed.
Disclaimer  - I wasn't paid for this book review - all opinions are my own.

I really needed a little light hearted-ness today as I feel the heart wrenching grief a few online friends and other IRL people are experiencing right now.
One has lost a father, one her husband and another beautiful online friend of 5yrs whose cancer was diagnosed very recently, after mine, is now having palliative care and trying to establish pain control

Fifty Sheds of Grey (A Pardody) | C.T Grey
November Publication

RRP: $19.99
Pan McMillan 

Did you read THAT other book ?
Do you like to read the parody of  real books ?  
 I confess I hardly knew any of  these parodies existed.

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