Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Ten + Diabolical things for kids to do on holidays

1. Plan a holiday photographic scavenger hunt...get the kids input or use the 30 day photo challenges for some ideas. Make it last as long as holidays.

2. A twilight zone sausage sizzle in a park or nature reserve. Grab your forks (tongs) , snags , sauce and bread. Remember torches and insect repellant if it applies.

3. An all day DVD movie marathon , pop some popcorn and stay in your pjs all day. (PS - I've got some DVD giveaways read to go )

4. Get on your bikes or scooters and head down to a bike track somewhere.

5. Take your kids to live stage show or concert , shopping centres run free shows . Have you entered my BEN 10 Live Time Machine family pass giveaway .

6. Boxes, boxes and more what can't you do with boxes free at local Bunnings ...let them use their imaginations and then toss them in bin for recycling.

7.Head to a beach or river even if it is too cold to really swim, paddle in shallows, build sandcastles, fly a kite or throw a ball up ball around.

8. Camp out in the backyard overnight.

9.Have a Lego block building Challenge (PS I've also got a brand Lego Giveaway just waiting for it to arrive)

10. My top tip is to check out what your local area has on offer for free -