Sunday, 16 September 2012

What I'm really counting down

So, I am confused exactly how many days till Christmas - on Friday a few Christmas clocks told me 101 , that makes it 99 today officially~ but if I do the maths and listen to others it is 100 days.

Anyway you count it ,  the days, hours, minutes and seconds are ticking fast by but thankfully there is still plenty of time to write a letter to Santa.

Me, I am really counting down till the end of my Chemo - if my treatment dates go as planned I'll start the next round of 12 cycles on October 22nd - so Christmas Eve, day , I'll have cycle #14 and then I'll only have 2 more cycles to go.

We will be most likely celebrating at home with a simple country Christmas this year because of my treatment . I can't wait to decorate our huge pine tree and gum trees outside. It won't be a white Christmas ...

I don't want to feel overwhelmed during my three month treatment so , I am trying going to be prepared this year . I'm definitely using the Organised Housewife's planner , Pinterest and I'm joining in with Tina's linky and following the links along for all the best tips and handy hints. Tina has an extensive list already for me to browse.

Are you excited about Christmas ? Have you started shopping ?