Thursday, 16 August 2012

Thankful for simple things

I am thankful for the simple things today.

I just returned from dropping the boys at the school bus stop , in my mismatched pj's -top blue with yellow striped cats and purple bottoms with stars . The teen's dog shredded the blue & yellow cat bottoms. I'm thankful I don't have to dress up for school run ...well we do leave at 7.50am.

Today, we head to Sydney for my next round of chemotherapy tomorrow . I am beyond thankful DH's nephew moved from Sunshine Coast to the neighbouring farm just over a month ago. He feeds our dogs, our cat and keeps an eye* one everything.

I am also bald I very thankful for warm hats and head wrap hacks. Yesterday I learnt how to recycle an old  t-shirt into turban type head wrap. There are so many tutorials on you tubes to guide me.
I like this one too.

Linking in with Kate's Thankful Thursday What are you thankful for today ?

(*When we went to Sydney for my surgery we had to pack up the dog & her kennel to Grandpa's in Sydney, the cat to my friend's (in Sydney) and arrange for another neighbour to keep an eye on the farm ...during which time the Rural Crimes squad cut our gate padlock to get access to a different neighbour's farm for an investigation into neglected stock plus other matters.They came back a second time when we were back in Sydney the next time.)