Wednesday, 25 July 2012

I am One in 14,000 + {Bakers Delight Giveaway}

This is one post I never expected to write.

I am writing this in support of the 14,000 women expected to be diagnosed with breast cancer in 2012 alone. I certainly never expected to be 1 in that 14,000.

Please read on I'll get to the point and the giveaway.

Everybody knows Bakers Delight  , distinctive in their appearance, branding and product quality. I love Bakers Delight bread and I was so excited when I won a year’s supply (supplied weekly). It is always fresh, they have a great variety and most importantly it all tastes really great.

I was invited to experience a Bakers Delight baking demonstration first hand. To see what it is like to bake from scratch - fresh bread , rolls and show you how it is done!

I arrived at 7.30am (A late start for a Baker) and put on my ‘uniform’, an apron and beret supplied by Greg, the store franchisee (he owns 3 Bakers Delight stores). It was June 12th - the apron given to me was the 'Hot Pink' Pink Lady apron – emblazoned with “Proudly Supporting BCNA”*

I briefly thought about my mammogram and Ultrasound booked the next day. I dismissed the uneasiness and fear.

Greg walked, talked me and showed me through the process of fresh bread crafting from the beginning to the end ... when within minutes it travels from oven to the store front display racks. I love that there are No preservatives in their bread.

After proving in the warmer – from this to this they get baked to perfection.
Into a huge big mixing bowl went measured (by weight  / scales) amounts of flour, yeast, salt and water and oil. It gets mixed, kneaded by machine, then the temperature is checked before it gets machine cut/shaped into loaves or bread rolls by another machine (one nifty machine shapes the rolls  in the perfect round shape) or rolling pin rolled into scrolls by hand. All from the same dough recipe. They even grate their own real block cheese.

(The sourdough and Pane di casa processes are slightly different).

Sam and Joel got a little 'Bakers delight experience too – who doesn’t love pink icing hundreds & thousands and coconut.

Thank you to Greg and Bakers Delight for enlightening me , first hand how your fresh baked breads and rolls are made. From early morning the customers are lining up before the shop assistants begin serving , so the 'Bakers' step up to counter ensure the hungry customers don’t miss out !

Most importantly , I hope everybody knows about the Bakers Delight Pink Bun campaign!

Overall 615 Bakers Delight bakeries raised $1,065,000 for Breast Cancer Network Australia during their 2012 Pink Bun campaign. In the last 12 years they have raised over $6.5 million for BCNA.

My local Bakers Delight store - Dubbo, Orana Mall raised $2,775 during this year’s Pink Bun campaign May 3-23rd . I know I purchased a few and the money went straight into the BCNA tins - 100% of the sale of pink buns and pink lady cut-outs goes directly to BCNA.

This featured in our local Daily Liberal

The money raised by Bakers Delight customers supports BCNA's information resources provided to Australians affected by breast cancer such as the My Journey Kit, a free resource for women newly diagnosed with breast cancer.

This year, the campaign will also fund a new booklet for women on how exercise can benefit them after being diagnosed with breast cancer. The booklet will offer practical tips about keeping active from women within the BCNA network. Clinical experts will also contribute to ensure the information is appropriate for women with a breast cancer diagnosis.

You can find more info at

One day after my Bakers Delight experience - I was diagnosed with breast cancer and within a few days I received one of the very resourceful My Journey Kits.

I am so grateful that Bakers Delight bakeries partner with the with their local communities to raise this money. So thank you to everyone who joined forces !

Bakers Delight has sent me 3 x $10 vouchers for my readers to win. Leave a comment and tell me what product you like most and why ?

Australia entries only
Closes August 3rd

(*Breast cancer network Australia) .
Order your kit online now or phone 1800 500 258

Disclaimer: . No financial payment was received to write this post - all opinions are my own.